Team Up With Midwood Usability


No matter where you are in your project or process, we partner with you to deliver strategic insights and actionable findings enabling you to focus on the most impactful parts of the customer experience.


We know how essential it is that your UX goals are tied to your business goals, so that your usability efforts lead to actionable insights. And because we have experience doing interaction design creating UX interaction design ourselves, we know how UX teams like to work and how to collaborate on their terms. We package the results of our work in a unique way that makes it easy to see exactly what you need to do next.

Web Accessibility

Designing for accessibility not only provides access for disabled users but improves usability for everyone. We can audit your site for compliance with WCAG standards. We will also work with your development team to remediate your site.


Talking to people is the best way to understand them. We’ll set up and facilitate 1-on-1 interviews to uncover what your stakeholders are thinking, what your call centers experience with your customers and what anyone else you’re curious about has to say about your product and plans. Then we report back with key findings to keep your team on the same page for creating what’s next.

Usability Testing

We specialize in 1-on-1 usability testing. We run remote tests, in-person tests, informal tests, and test on different devices. Usability is effectively done as a baseline test to see how your current product is working, as a competitive test to see how you stack up, as iterative testing to validate concepts while you refine your design and as a final test before a release.

Group Sketch Sessions

Sketch sessions are a smart way to start the product or service development process. Our facilitators will set up your session, lead it, analyze the results and report back with next steps. We also lead focus groups, co-creation workshops, brainstorming sessions, and other facilitated experiences that help you quickly create many ideas to evaluate.

IA and UX Design

The best design comes when we use user centered design, rapid prototyping, and open collaboration. Rapid prototyping gets all of your ideas into a clickable prototype fast. You can visualize your requirements and easily iterate. Then we validate with your users. All of this is done with constant input from your team.

UX Management Consulting

If you have a new team or are adding a new discipline like usability we can help you jumpstart the effectiveness of your team. We can set up efficient, repeatable design process that incorporate user feedback, encourages collaborative design between teams and stakeholders, and use an iterative design methodology.

Our Expertise

We’re really good at this stuff because we’ve been doing it for combined 30 plus years.