What Midwood Can Do For You


Hear what real users have to say about your product or service

Instantly learn what works about your design — and what doesn’t

Innovate by discovering your users’ unmet needs

Validate strategy and requirements with rapid prototyping and testing

Ensure designs are accessible for all users.

Reduce risk of project failure, boost ROI, and minimize ADA compliance exposure.

Let Us Help Humanize Your Products

Blind person using computer with braille

Web Accessibility

Designing for accessibility not only provides access for disabled users but improves usability for everyone.

Taking Notes

Usability Testing

We can test anything from paper prototypes to production code. Each study is designed to answer your most important design questions.


IA and UX Design

We use a user centered design approach to ensure the final design is usable and solves real business problems.

No matter where you are in your product or design process, we have all the services you need to create a better customer experience.